5 Paragraph Essay: Definition, Structure, Peculiarities

The most common form of writing for schoolchildren and students is the essay. Namely, a five-paragraph essay that stands out with a prominent structure. You cannot leave this structure. Otherwise, there is a high probability that your work will not be counted. But keeping such a strict framework can be very difficult for some students. That is why there are research paper writing services like us. Academic specialists can cope with any such task. They have many written works behind them, some of which are renowned for their quality. Also, they can quickly write any other types of essays and research papers. The latter should be especially important for college and university students. Upon request, writers can show you a draft of the paper so you can be sure that your instructions are being followed. Companies providing writing services share useful tips on how to write a five-paragraph essay correctly or complete a research paper so you can even write a paper yourself!

Assignments that should be written in different ways are not a novelty for students. This practice is a general and sometimes even compulsory task throughout the globe. It is actually needed, though some folks hate it. It reveals the level of comprehension, knowledge and writing skills in different academic disciplines. Such task helps to define who falls behind and what changes are needed to be implemented to improve the academic score of some students. Accordingly, it’s required to compose different assignments. Writing a 5 paragraph essay is one of those academic tasks.

Of course, it’s necessary to know a 5 paragraph essay definition. It is a prose composition, which must be written in accordance with the predetermined format. This paper type should include:

  1. Clear introduction with a thesis statement
  2. Body part (at least 3 paragraphs)
  3. Completed and informative conclusion

If you look at its outline, you will understand that it is a pretty standard assignment. The introductory and conclusive sections are typical. However, the main (body) part varies from one case to another. In our particular case, you are supposed to write three paragraphs that will include a good background for your essay. As a rule, each of them contains one central point. These points should be related to one another and lead readers to the defining part. They should fully reflect the main question in their specific manner.

It is worth mentioning that a 5 paragraph essay definition differs and contrasts, for example, an exploratory essay. The discussed assignment is an academic paper, which requires research. It should be supported by the reliable evidence. An exploratory essay doesn’t need such an obligation. It is not nonfiction. Consequently, you should conduct some kind of research to find the examples and evidence that will be good support for your thesis statement in a 5 paragraph paper.

What is a 5 paragraph essay: Detailed explanation

As you may have guessed, a five-paragraph essay is the most typical kind of essays. It requires a well-known introduction-conclusion frame and three major parts. They are standard for all assignments. You only should remember that you cannot write more than three paragraphs in the central (body) part of your assignment. Some other tasks may have more than three parts of the major section. Nonetheless, the standard essay of five paragraphs has a strict limitation. You should never violate it.

After we have defined what is a 5 paragraph essay, it is necessary to write it. It is good that you know the number of paragraphs. However, it’s likewise important to understand other details. For instance, you should know how many words should a 5 paragraph essay be. The number varies from 500 to 800 words. You should never exceed this number or write less.

Another crucial point to know is the assigned format. APA, MLA, Chicago and other styles have differences. Accordingly, you should stick to them when you write the title, references and other details.

Of course, you’re expected to find the dependable literature. You should support your main concepts with the real facts. Depending on your literature choice, craft an outline. It should be logical and clear. Make sure you know which part will be the next one and what to write in it. That helps to plan the process of writing with a higher effectuality. Everything runs smoothly and much quicker when you have a proper outline. After these preparations, you’re free to begin the writing itself.

Write a five-paragraph essay step-by-step

Writing a five-paragraph essay, you unavoidably begin with the introductory section. It provides the background of your topic. Commonly, it is factual. Nonetheless, your manner of presentation is free. The most important objective is to win the attention of your audience. Create a natural curiosity using different literary techniques. Of course, it should contain three main points of your plot.

Your introduction is expected to be ended with the thesis statement. The strongest part of the entire research should be impressive. Make sure it briefly reflects your primary idea. Tell your audience what you are going to talk about.

The second part of your assignment begins with the initial main point. The transition between body part and introduction should be plain and logical. The same goes for other sections. It is important and even helpful to use enough examples that support your idea. These may be quotes, statistics, graphics, etc. They should fully depict the emphasized idea.

Your second and third main points should be supported with the evidence as well. Make sure the transitions are related to the previous section and fully depict your thesis. Don’t make your readers wonder what you’re talking about. Don’t go astray. Clarify your main points with the effective and corresponding examples.

Working on the preparation of a five-paragraph essay, you should end this paper with a conclusion part. It should be short and clear. Retell the main concepts of your research with other words. Mention what your research has achieved and how useful the outcomes are. In the occasion, your research could not discover some points, don’t be afraid to confess that. It is all right. You may freely disclose them in your future works. Besides, this adds attraction to them. The eager readers would like to continue to read your research.